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13 Best Bali Hotels in Kuta Beach

Bali has always been an interesting choice for everyone's getaway. Various types and activities that can be done in Bali make tourists flock to this island. In addition to the Balinese Hindu culture, the island's attractions - namely its beautiful and charming beaches. - never cease to amaze. It's only natural that accommodations at the beach are always in high demand. The choices of Bali hotels in Kuta Beach are available for tourists from around the world to choose from.

The Best Areas to Stay in Kuta Beach

It is undeniable that Bali is one of the best destinations in the world. Tourists flock to the island, which is also known as the Island of the Gods, not only domestic but also from various parts of the world - millions of them! The most popular attraction here is, of course, the beaches which can be found in any direction.

Ask anyone which area in Bali you should visit first, of course, the Kuta Beach area is one of them. This white sand beach is indeed known as the mainstay of the island even though many other beaches are open to the public. The thing that makes this beach the most visited is its location which is easily accessible for tourists. Alternative hotels at Kuta Bali itself also vary from affordable to premium rates.

Interestingly, not many know that this beach was once a traditional fishing village and trading center in the 19th century. But thanks to its beauty, the Kuta Beach area has now become the center of various tourism business activities. Now let's take a look at the best Kuta Beach hotels in Bali that you can choose for an exciting vacation on this island.

13. Mercure Kuta

This hotel in Kuta Beach Bali is the right choice for those who want to stay in the Kuta area. Under the management of Mercure, this hotel on Jalan Pantai Kuta Bali already has a fairly good reputation among tourists, so there is no need to doubt the facilities provided. BuLiBi friends can enjoy the beauty of Kuta Beach while relaxing in the hotel swimming pool. The reason is none other than the hotel facing the beach directly! Interestingly, this hotel also provides services such as surfing classes for its guests. Although it's not free, the cost is quite reasonable. Must try, here!

Interesting points about this Bali hotel in Kuta:

  • Wide range of menu from Asian to American

  • The hotel has a spa with refreshing facilities

  • Score 7.9 out of 3,267 reviews


12. Hotel Terrace at Kuta

You can find a wide selection of hotels at Kuta Bali along the shores. However, BuLiBi's first choice actually falls on a 3-star hotel located in Legian. Not far from the legendary Kuta beach, this hotel is within walking distance of the action. This Kuta Beach hotel in Bali actually does not provide many special facilities for its guests, it's just that the strategic location of the Terrace at Kuta Hotel is its main advantage. In addition, the price is quite affordable to be the right choice to stay a few days here. The rooms are also well designed so that they are cozy and clean. BuLiBi friends can make this hotel the best choice at a very affordable price,

Interesting points on this hotel in Kuta Beach:

  • Located right on Legian Beach

  • Kuta can be reached in 10-15 minutes on foot

  • The distance between the hotel and Ngurah Rai airport is only 3.5km

  • Score 8.6 out of 3,062 reviews


11. The ONE Legian Hotel

Another hotel in Kuta Beach Bali that BuLiBi Friends can choose is the ONE Legian Hotel. This hotel on Jalan Kuta Beach Bali is actually closer to Legian Beach as the name implies, but because it is quite close to Kuta Beach, there is no harm in considering this hotel. As you enter this hotel, you will be greeted with a welcome drink to provide a little refreshment for the guests. This 4-star hotel has different facilities compared to the previous 2 hotels, namely, there is a golf course on-site for its guests. The outdoor swimming pool is also designed with a unique building next to it. Some corners of this hotel are quite interesting as photo spots, you know!

Interesting points on this Kuta Beach hotel in Bali:

  • There are golf course facilities on site

  • Some rooms offer an attractive city view

  • Located 600m from Beachwalk Shopping Mall

  • Score 8.0 out of 8,398 reviews


10. Kuta Paradiso Hotel

This hotel is very close to our favorite beach. Kuta Paradiso Hotel is one of the best hotels at Kuta Bali. Located in the Kartika Plaza area, this hotel is only a few meters from Kuta Beach, walking to Kuta Beach certainly won't be difficult for you. This hotel is also highly recommended for those of you who are on vacation in Bali with your family because the facilities provided are kid-friendly. Enjoying the garden within the premises is a great alternative to morning walks with the family. Not far from the hotel, there are also many shops selling Balinese knick-knacks so you don't have to go far to look for souvenirs.

Interesting points about this hotel at Kuta Beach:

  • 3km from Ngurah Rai Airport

  • Located about 300m from Waterboom Bali

  • Has a bowling alley for its visitors

  • Score 8.0 out of 4,801 reviews


9. Park Regis Kuta Hotel

As the name implies, this Kuta Beach hotel in Bali is located right in the Kuta area. However, unlike the previously recommended hotels, this hotel is about 1.5km from the center of Kuta Beach, so walking to the beach is not that easy. However, the facilities available at this 4-star hotel are good enough reasons to make Park Regis Kuta Hotel your choice. Some of the hotel rooms are equipped with balconies so that guests can enjoy a beautiful morning in Bali like on the terrace of their own house. Hotel rooms are also facilitated with cable tv, mini bar, safe box, and so on to meet the needs of its guests.

Interesting points about this Bali hotel in Kuta:

  • Located 3km from Ngurah Rai Airport

  • Has 2 check-in and check-out schemes for its guests

  • The additional price for the breakfast set is quite cheap for a 4-star hotel

  • Score 8.1 out of 5,414 reviews


8. The Kuta Beach Heritage

The Kuta Beach Heritage is a great hotel in Kuta Beach Bali, BuLiBi's next choice. This 5-star hotel is under the management of AccorHotels so that the facilities and services available to guests are unquestionable. Although the location of the hotel is on Jalan Pantai Kuta Bali which is famous for its bustling activities, this hotel is still very suitable for business purposes and family staycation. This hotel at Kuta Bali also provides tour facilities for its guests, so that tourists don't have to bother arranging their own trips while in Bali. To enjoy Kuta Beach, visitors only need to walk out of the hotel and can immediately be greeted by the waves of Kuta.

Interesting points on this hotel in Kuta Beach:

  • Located 3 km from Ngurah Rai International Airport

  • Provides on-call doctor service

  • Kuta Beach is only 150m away, so visitors can just walk there

  • Score 8.4 out of 2,535 reviews


7. Grand Inna Kuta Bali

Grand Inna Hotel operates in many big cities in Indonesia. This Kuta Beach hotel in Bali is highly recommended for those of you who want to have a relaxing vacation with family or friends. The hotel is equipped with various facilities for relaxation such as a spa, massage, game room, and so on. Grand Inna Kuta seems to understand that you also need to be accompanied by various tour facilities, so BuLiBi friends can book a tour package from this hotel. When entering the hotel lobby, you will also be immediately greeted with a welcome drink. Here, you can enjoy the sensation of sleeping while hearing the waves from the beach which is located very close to this hotel.

Interesting points on this Kuta Beach hotel in Bali:

  • Located only a few meters from the shopping center in the Kuta area

  • Only 2.3km from Ngurah Rai Airport

  • Providing short course surfing services

  • Score 8.1 out of 5,577 reviews


6. Sulis Beach Hotel and Spa

Sulis Beach Hotel and Spa is a 4-star hotel. Located not far from Kuta Beach Bali, this hotel has various facilities that are ready to pamper its visitors, especially facilities related to leisure. In addition to providing spa facilities, the hotel is also equipped with an outdoor swimming pool that has a direct view of the beach. Interestingly, this hotel only provides 50 rooms. The concept of limited rooms, of course, aims to provide maximum service for its customers. This hotel is suitable for tourists visiting Bali on various occasions.

Interesting points about this Bali hotel in Kuta:

  • There are salon facilities

  • Only 1.2km from Ngurah Rai Airport

  • Providing short course surfing services

  • Score 8.9 out of 2,940 reviews


5. The Oberoi Beach Resort

You don't want to stay at a hotel in Kuta Beach but still want to enjoy the beach? In that case, staying at The Oberoi Beach Hotel is the right choice. It's located in the Legian area, still within walking distance of Kuta Beach. The facilities of this 4-star hotel are of course very diverse, even slightly different from other hotels. The hotel knows some tourists in Bali are now into yoga. So the hotel also provides a yoga room for its guests. In addition, various sports facilities such as tennis courts and table tennis, as well as water games are also provided at this hotel.

Interesting points on this hotel in Kuta Beach:

  • Provide facilities for snorkeling and yoga

  • Some rooms offer a view with a balcony

  • The breakfast menu is very diverse from Asian, European to American

  • Score 8.3 from 2,556 reviews


4. Eden Hotel Kuta Bali

Eden Hotel can be the right choice of hotel on Kuta Beach Bali when you are on vacation to the Island of the Gods. Located in a strategic location in the Kartika Plaza area, Eden Hotel offers many premium facilities of a 4-star hotel. This hotel has a leafy green nuance because the building is surrounded by a quite beautiful garden. Interestingly, this hotel has a specialty that other hotels do not have, namely the banana leaf midrib which seems to be a symbol of this hotel.

Interesting points on this Kuta Beach hotel in Bali:

  • Only 1.5km from Ngurah Rai Airport

  • The hotel has high-quality spa facilities

  • Many rooms offer a balcony with a very refreshing view

  • Score 8.2 out of 5,725 reviews


3. Hard Rock Hotel Bali

The Hard Rock Hotel chain can be found all over the world. As a 5-star hotel, this Kuta Beach hotel in Bali on Jalan Pantai Kuta has many advantages compared to other hotels. In addition to the standard public facilities of a 5-star hotel, the atmosphere offered by this hotel revolves around music. Enjoying live music while relaxing in the hotel's café will certainly add to the excitement of BuLiBi Friends' vacation while in Bali.

The concept that was built for its very wide outdoor swimming pool is also very different when compared to other hotels at Kuta Bali. One of the most interesting things about this hotel is that guests can borrow/rent a guitar to bring to the room. Enjoying a vacation while jamming in your room can create a very memorable experience.

Interesting points about this Bali hotel in Kuta:

  • Has facilities for children

  • The hotel offers 4 restaurant options

  • Quite close to Beachwalk Shopping Mall

  • Score 8.3 out of 4,031 reviews


2. Discovery Kartika Plaza

Carrying the tropical garden theme, Discovery Kartika Plaza is included in a list of recommended hotels at Kuta Bali chosen by BuLiBi. This hotel is located on an area of ​​8 hectares with views of the blue sea decorated with tropical trees. Entering this hotel, you'll be immediately carried away by the atmosphere of the beach without having to bother going to the beach.

Equipped with various facilities for children, this hotel is certainly suitable as a place to stay with family. The location of this Bali hotel in Kuta is the same as Discovery Kartika Plaza, which is a shopping center with a wide selection of restaurants and entertainment venues.

Interesting points on this hotel in Kuta Beach:

  • One location with Discovery Plaza Shopping Center

  • Located just 300m from Waterbom Park

  • Only 20 minutes to Ngurah Rai Airport

  • Score 8.5 out of 2,839 reviews


1. Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort

Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort is one of the best 5-star hotels in Indonesia. No wonder this hotel in Kuta Beach welcomes guests all the time. Staying at the Sheraton while in Bali is always the right choice. This hotel offers a fantastic beach view as it is located right in the Kuta Beach area. Enjoying the beach while sitting relaxed at the hotel should be one of the highlights of your stay!

Moreover, most of the hotel rooms do offer this beautiful beach view. The friendliness of the Sheraton hotel staff is also unquestionable because the services they offer are always world-class. BuLiBi friends don't need to hesitate to stay at this hotel right away.

Interesting points on this Kuta Beach hotel in Bali:

  • Offers the best Kuta Beach room views

  • The hotel provides tour package facilities

  • Located close to Beachwalk Shopping Mall

  • Score 8.7 out of 2,197 reviews


Note: During the current pandemic, BuLiBi Team needs to convey that the hotels mentioned above are still operating by following the Covid 19 protocol as recommended by the government. Before booking a hotel, it's a good idea to check directly with the hotel regarding the facilities that are open to visitors.

Recommended Activities at Kuta Beach Bali

After choosing a Bali hotel in Kuta that fits your budget and preferences, you must be curious about what activities you can do while on vacation here. As mentioned above, the Kuta Beach area of ​​​​Bali is a mainstay location for tourists who come to Bali. Tourists who choose a hotel in Kuta Beach don't have to worry about running out of ideas to enjoy this place.

If you like water sports, then surfing at Kuta Beach can be the right choice. Many tourists make this a mandatory agenda when visiting Kuta Beach. For tourists who are experienced enough to surf, it is certainly a no-brainer. However, for those who are trying this sport for the first time, there is no need to worry because there are many short course services for beginners along Kuta Beach.

If you are tired of enjoying the beach, you can try other entertainment alternatives by going to Beachwalk Bali. This place is actually a shopping mall in Bali that provides a wide selection of the latest shopping shops and cafes. Beachwalk is designed to make visitors feel at home. The green atmosphere of the leaves in every corner of the Beachwalk is an attraction in itself. You can also enjoy this place by sitting back accompanied by a cup of hot coffee and snacks while looking at the beauty of the island of Bali. Moreover, there are plenty of hotels at Kuta Bali to choose from, so what are you waiting for? Book a plane ticket right away and decide which hotel in Kuta Beach will you stay at.

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